I Love You?

“Some people are meant to fall in love with each other but not meant to be together”

Recognize this dialogue?

If you said this dialogue is from the movie 500 Days of Summer, then you are absolutely right. But is he right in what he said? Is it true that some people who are to fall in love will never end up living the happily ever after?

(500) Days of Summer film stills

But before all that, what is love? Is it a feeling of extreme affection and attraction to someone or is it the feeling when you know you have met “the one”? Can you have your first love when you are just a innocent, doe-eyed 8 year old or do you have to reach a certain maturity, to say that you are “in love” with someone?

Love is something that you feel when you find the one object/person you deeply desire for and would do anything to give up your life for. It is that one thing, that can shatter your world yet build it into a beautiful land with green grass and sunny skies. Love if handled with care, could be the most beautiful thing to be kept by mankind. But if handled roughly, it can turn into frustration, anger, annoyance and eventually leading to hatred.

Speaking of Hatred, I have a question – Can love turn into hatred? Can something that was once filled with rainbows and unicorns and cotton candy turn into demons and haunted ghosts of memory that makes you want to ram your head into a wall over and over again, until your it splits open thereby spilling all your memories out, leaving you with an empty brain and an IQ of zero?

The answer to that is a……….YES! That is possible. You can grow to hate the thing you love. For eg, when you where a child, you loved to play with toys but as you grew up, you don’t love it anymore. You love recalling those days, but you don’t love playing with those toys anymore (unless you are an exception). You can grow to hate the person you have been loving for years. Okay, you don’t just wake up one day and realize you have fallen out of love, but there will be one day when you wake up and realize you love “the love of your life” a little less. And then the week passes, you realize you love them a little less. Then a month passes.





Then six months later you realize that you love them a half as much as you loved them. A year later, you are sure in your heart that you don’t love them anymore. In fact you find yourself wrapped around someones finger, a finger that doesn’t belong to the “love of your life”. Then you find yourself doing the wrong things, things that can harm the both of you. Why? Because you know you don’t love them anymore but the guilt that you had fallen out of love eats you and you feel ashamed of it plus you are scared of telling them the truth and you are scared of hurting them by saying those four words


Those four words will shatter anyone’s world and you know it. You know it will break their heart, yet some of you go ahead and tell it. You say those four words. Yes, your partner will hate you for it, and everyone will think that you truly don’t love them anymore. But the truth is you still do. If you didn’t love them, why would you tell them those words? Why would you spare them of the pain? Why do you still care about them? Why does their feelings matter to you anymore when you are in love with someone else?


Its simply because, no matter what happens you still love them. There is that one part of you that will still love them, because they have captured a place in your heart and not even amnesia can remove that. No matter what happens, you will still love them. You will still look out for them. They may not be the first face you search for in a crowd but definitely, you will still look for their face in the crowd. Why? They bring a sense of comfort to you, to your heart, to your mind, to your soul.

But that then raises the next question – Do we love someone because they provide you with a sense of comfort or because you truly love them? As Justin Bieber rightly asks, “Am I in love with you? Or am in love with the feeling?” 

See we could go on like this, arguing back and forth on what’s love and what’s not love, but inevitably you will a reach an answer. Since Cupid doesn’t strike everyone with the same arrow, your answer about love will be different to my answer about love. In simple words,





Boyfriends vs BOY-friends

Like two months ago I joined a new school called Greenwood High and until I joined this school, I never had guy friends (Well I did have guy friends but they used me or they disregarded me, but that’s a story for another day). So for the first time I have really amazing guy friends who are really sweet and act like idiots (at times) but they are the best guy friends I could have ever asked for.

So the other day, i was talking to my old school friends about this and she said “So when are you guys going to date?” WUT?? I was pretty taken aback. I never expected my friend to ask me a question like that. I asked her “What do you mean?” and she coolly replies “You’re a girl, he’s a guy. You two a friends. You guys are meant to be!! Can’t you see that destiny is trying to tell you something?” And lets just I lost my temper and a very colorful string of words left my mouth.

I never understood that equation. If a girl hangs out with boy or a boy hangs out with a girl, then they are definitely dating. That is an illogical equation. A girl and a guy can hold hands, have sleepovers, watch sappy movies together (and cry), pour their drinks on each other, kick each other in the nuts, fight and break stuff, cuddle on the couch, become super drunk and let in on each others embarrassing stories about their respective sex lives and yet remain being good friends!!!